Hunters Hut


So one of the things that I love to do is sailing, in fact me and Melissa try and go out at least once every week as long as work permits, and watch the stars and fish a little bit. Well, we actually skipped last week due to all of the holiday stuff, but we finally got around to it yesterday, and to make up for last week, we slept on my sailboat(something that we rarely do).

This is where things got super crazy. At around midnight, I heard a thumping on the side of the boat. At first, I thought it was nothing. The sailboat sometimes gets punched by a wave, its rare, but there are rogue waves all of the time. Then, it happened again, and again, and started to get louder. This is where I started to freak. Have you ever seen the movie Jaws? This happened many times during the movie, and by this time Melissa was up too and we had to decide what to do quickly.

Being a sailboat, we didn't really have a lot of umph to control where the boat went. But it still had a mini-engine on it, which most boats do these days, so I could try to use that. Compounding the issue, it was dark, so I would have to try and use the map and compass to navigate. I got up onto the helm, and took off for just about a mile, to see if that solved it, it didn't! Same spot....the monster was following us!

We were way too far out. So I decided to just take the chance, point my flashlight in the direction of the bump, and low and behold it wasn't a monster at all. Along the right side of the boat, a piece of driftwood got latched on to side of the boat from a little rope, and it was bumping up against. Crisis averted!

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